Our Story

ITILITE derives its name from “Lite Itineraries”. Over the years we have travelled extensively for fun and for business. What we observed was a vast difference in the way travel is planned and booked for personal and business reasons.

Personal and business booking are in different ages. Personal travel booking experience has seen a revolution, while the corporate bookings are still stuck in back and forth with travel desk over emails.

The behavior of booking varies widely. Travelers balance comfort and cost in personal travel while cost is not a consideration on a business traveler’s mind, except a corporate policy.

We started building itilite to enable “lite itineraries” in corporate travel both in terms of cost and efficiency of booking. By getting people excited about saving money for the company, we’re aligning individual and company interests. We’re helping companies and their people feel better about booking smarter. It’s amazing how much companies can achieve when everyone is moving in the same direction.

Leadership Team

Anish Khadiya


Worked at McKinsey, Myntra and ITC. Studied at IIM Lucknow and IIT Kgp

Mayank Kukreja


Worked at McKinsey, Myntra and Lime Labs. Studied at IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Delhi

Join Us

We are setting out to change business travel from ground up. This will take innovative minds and restless souls. If you are excited about our mission, drop us a line at contact@itilite.com